Workplace Yoga

Wellness through yoga - in the workplace

Life is BUSY and stressful for many corporate office workers.

Providing your employees with an opportunity to take a break, turn inward and focus on their mental and physical health sends a strong signal that you’re the kind of organization that values its employees and wants the best for them.

(PS: It’ll pay off – in spades – for your business, too.)

Bodhi Workplace Yoga

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Through our premium workplace yoga program, Bodhi yoga provides your employees with relief from the daily ‘grind’ – an opportunity to escape their stress, get some much-needed movement and ground themselves in the middle of the busy work day.

A blue yoga mat is being rolled out onto a white floor inside a yoga studio. It is the evening and there are blurry candle lights behind the mat.

We come to you with everything needed to take up to 30 people through an invigorating yet restorative 45 minute yoga class that will leave participants feeling stretched, refreshed and ready to take on the rest of the day.

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We customize all of our packages to suit your workplace needs – as every business operates differently. We offer a three-week trial for businesses who want to gauge interest or prove the concept internally. Contact us for details.


Almost 40% of Canadians suffer from workplace stress

1 in 5 Canadians called in sick to work each week due to stress related illness. 

In any week, 500,000 Canadians call in sick due to mental or physical illness

…which affects productivity, morale, and output.  Though the problem is complex, a consistent yoga and meditation practice can have a tremendous difference for both your employees and business.


The benefits of giving your employees a regular ‘yoga break’ in the middle of the day are vast and deep:

For business:

  • Increased retention
  • Fewer days off due to stress and mental/physical illness
  • Better morale
  • Increased levels of engagement

For employees:

  • Less stress and anxiety
  • Improved mood
  • Greater productivity
  • Sharper concentration
  • Increased mindfulness
  • Stronger and more physically fit

Meet The Teachers

Catherine Beler

Vanessa Groeneveld

We’re Catherine Beler and Vanessa Groeneveld – founders and co-creators of Bodhi Yoga Wellness. Both with backgrounds in health and wellness, we met in yoga teacher training and quickly bonded over a mutual love of travel and the belief that a stress free life – at home and work – should be possible for all.

Before long, the notion of Bodhi yoga was born and we’ve been hosting retreats and workshops ever since. We’re thrilled to be effecting change in boardrooms across the GTA and beyond through yoga, and would love to help you too.

All you need…

…to effect profound positive change in your workforce and the lives of your employees is:

An open space large enough to accommodate (up to) 30 mats (boardrooms work well!)

30 to 60 minutes for our popular Yoga & Meditation program(s)

The want to create a healthier and happier work environment


We bring everything – from top-of-the-line mats to straps, bolsters and eye pillows – we handle all set-up and tear-down, so all your employees need is a comfortable set of clothing they can move in.

Our classes are calm, inviting, non-judgemental and appropriate for all levels.

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