Travel Tips: Our Travel Bucket List and Things to Know

Having traveled to quite a few places around the world, we have picked up a few handy travel tips along with firsthand knowledge of different cities. In this blog, we will give you some interesting pointers on what to do and how to plan when you travel to any of these places. So, read on and plan your next vacation with a nice and proactive approach.

  • Goa (India)

This Western Indian state is known for its vibrant nightlife and unbelievable beaches. A very interesting thing that we came across is its popularity among the people of Australia and the United Kingdom. More and more of them travel to Goa every year to enjoy a nice South Asian vacation.

You need to keep a few things in mind if you are planning to head over anytime soon. Try to avoid uncooked food items (fruits and vegetables) as much as possible. Follow this strategy even if you are staying at a 5 star hotel. Furthermore, pack a significant amount of toilet paper because the majority of restrooms around the place do not have it normally. Keeping an adequate supply of hand sanitizers is a good ploy too.

  • Bruges (Belgium)

Bruges is right up there on our list of the most beautiful cities that we have ever had the good fortune of visiting. In particular, if you love beer, then Bruges is the city for you. And while you are there, do not forget to head to the popular beer wall. You will also enjoy the impressive canals and great people in an environment energetic enough to power the Belgian national grid.

  • Morocco

The landscape, food, and people of Morocco are just absolutely brilliant. It is not the most prosperous of places in the world and the people generally don’t have much, but their kindness, generosity, and hospitality will make you fall in love with this wonderful country. Do keep a hand sanitizer with you at all times while traveling to and around Morocco. Other than that, you will surely come to adore the place.

  • Perth (Australia)

The city of Perth is a wonderful place with its cool suburban areas, relaxing beach resorts, and a vibrant and exciting art scene. For a city that is relatively small in size, Perth has got a lot to offer. A spectacular river goes right through the city and there are beautiful parks pretty much all over the place.

If you are planning to head over, then we’ve just got one piece of advice for you. Save your money as much as possible because Perth isn’t cheap. And be as frugal as you can be when you are over there.

There will be plenty of instances where you will have to splash the cash, so be wary of that and being a bit thrifty would be good. Look for the best discount deals, especially with regards to flights and accommodation in the city. The money saved here can be spent on meals and trips around the city for a more enjoyable vacation.

  • Lagos (Portugal)

Not to be confused with the former Nigerian capital of the same name, Lagos is a municipality in the Algarve region of southern Portugal. It is a nice beach town with great food, picturesque resorts, and wonderful scenery.

We are almost certain the sumptuous local food will make you go crazy. In particular, Lagos has the absolute best white fish in the world. It is always freshly caught and prepared and will melt in your mouth to give you the most amazing sensation. Compliment it with a glass of white wine and you will probably consider this as the best meal you ever had.

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