Your brain is the central system that controls your entire body. You can have a well balanced diet, a fixed exercise routine and a proper intake of the essential vitamins and minerals, but if your mental health isn’t taken care of, none of this will matter.

A study conducted at Harvard University highlighted the benefits of meditation and how it helped in lowering our levels of stress and anxiety. Not only this, meditation helps in making us sleep better, reduces inflammation and improves our attention span.

What meditation does is that it gets in the way or space between your thoughts. This space is called stillness – it is also referred to as the gateway to the infinite mind and sense of divine connection.

You can start mediation as soon as you want. But start it without thinking about a particular benefit. Start it with the intention to make it a part of your routine forever! Treat it as a habit, not a chore.

It is said that practicing it daily in the morning for just 10 minutes could help you feel calmer and more grounded. There is no right or wrong way to meditate since there are different styles and techniques for meditation.


Take care of the place where you meditate- meditation begins with picking a place you will sit down religiously everyday to meditate. Make sure that the place you choose is secluded and free of all sorts of disturbances. To make the experience richer, you can have soothing background music on or can light a candle.

Be Disciplined- Discipline is a must when it comes to meditation, you must pick a time to dedicate to it. Once you have your time set, make sure you practice it at the same time everyday.

Comfort and Relaxation- Make sure you sit in a place that is comfortable. It can have cushions around and a back support would be of great help. Try not to lay down or lean on something because you might end up falling asleep. It is best that you have an upright position, not only will this help you in meditating well, but will also help in improving your posture.

Evaluate your method- Having a single point of focus — my breathing — really works for me. Of course it wasn’t always easy. Initially, when I tried emptying my mind, it was like trying to empty an Airport. We all have a jumble of thoughts, and the trick is to not get caught by them. However, I’m human; I get caught.  So, when I realized my thoughts were drifting, I just returned to noticing my breathing. Change your method regularly if it doesn’t work for you.

Wear comfortable clothes- To be mentally relaxed, you need to be relaxed from outside too. Being comfortable physically is as important as mentally. Always wear comfortable clothes so that the meditation goes smoothly.

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