Although I consciously live a healthy and active lifestyle, yoga practice with all of its benefits never found a way into my space. Always wanting to try it, I was excited to participate in the Bodhi Yoga practices that were kindly being offered by the College to support staff as part of a health and wellness initiative.  I am new to yoga but not physical activity (I’m a hobby aerialist) so I was unsure if the “all levels” yoga practice being offered would be a good fit. Happy to report that not only have I found a new passion in yoga, my body and mind have greatly benefitted from the weekly classes. In addition, Vanessa Groeneveld does a fabulous job at ensuring that people at any age, flexibility and experience level can feel both comfortable learning new poses and challenged building on known poses as she does a great job talking you through and explaining each position. If you are familiar with yoga, a beginner and/or and wanting to try something new in a safe and welcoming space, I would highly recommended participating in Vanessa’s practices!”    Tanya Czyzewski, Education Projects Coordinator


My Wednesday ‘go-to’ after a long-day of sitting by the computer is the yoga practice with Vanessa Groeneveld. The practice allows me to unwind. Vanessa has shown me ways to alleviate back and neck pain. I’ve also learnt to truly appreciate the little things in life with the practice we do at the conclusion of each class. Favourite words to live by ‘Be gentle, be kind to oneself’.”    Yvonne Fernandes, Production Manager, CFP