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Why We Love Ghee

What basically is ghee? To be honest, it is the nectar of Gods. Just kidding. It’s actually clarified butter rendered from the milk of cow or buffalo that tastes divine. Especially famous in the Indian subcontinent, ghee is delicious and has numerous health benefits for your overall wellbeing.

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Travel Tips: Our Travel Bucket List and Things to Know

Having traveled to quite a few places around the world, we have picked up a few handy travel tips along with firsthand knowledge of different cities. In this blog, we will give you some interesting pointers on what to do and how to plan when you travel to any of these places. So, read on and plan your next vacation

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Meditation is your mind’s anchor. It’s a harness that keeps the brain tied. Just as you wash your hair and brush your teeth, with meditation we must also cleanse our minds. Starting with meditation daily can be a tough decision. There are so many excuses we make up as to why we cannot meditate. Excuses like – I’m not good

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