Meditation is your mind’s anchor. It’s a harness that keeps the brain tied. Just as you wash your hair and brush your teeth, with meditation we must also cleanse our minds. Starting with meditation daily can be a tough decision. There are so many excuses we make up as to why we cannot meditate. Excuses like – I’m not good at meditation and so on.

Meditation relieves stress in general, it helps you breeze through a busy day’s load and relax you by relieving you of all your emotional and physical stress. It’s essential to get rid of all the stress since it has drastic negative effects on your health, stress can make you fall ill and feel demotivated so it’s necessary to have a positive outlook on life. You feel invigorated and re-energized as you begin to feel relaxed and significantly reduce your feelings of melancholy and anxiety.

Meditation is undoubtedly a practice that brings massive benefits and can change our lives and improve it. You can perform many meditation techniques, but the very premise of meditation has always been to help you transform and change your life for self-awareness and psychological well-being.

It is also said that practicing YOGA has many benefits for both mental and physical health, although science has not supported all of these benefits. Yoga is known for its stress relief and relaxation ability. Indeed, multiple studies have shown that cortisol, the primary stress hormone, can be reduced in secretion.

Many people are starting to practice yoga as a way to deal with anxiety and stress. Interestingly enough, some research shows that yoga can help to reduce depression.The health of your heart is an essential component of your overall health, from pumping blood throughout the body to supplying important nutrients to tissues. Studies show that yoga can help improve heart health and reduce multiple heart disease risk factors.

Your body will become stronger and more flexible through regular practice of yoga asana (the physical practices). Aesthetically, this will give you a toned and healthy body appearance on the outside, but the benefits don’t stop here. Yoga works internally to support the function of all the body’s internal systems. Due to the stimulating effect that yoga has on your body’s internal functions, it’s a useful way to regulate your metabolism and give a supporting boost if it’s a bit sluggish. This means that regular yoga or meditation not only helps you lose weight by burning calories while you practice, but also stimulates the overall metabolic system of your body.

Meditation can be an experience that is very personal. The time we practice yoga is dedicated to

focusing entirely on ourselves. We leave the day’s thoughts and worries (so to speak) at the door and become present in that moment about how we really feel.  A similar study examined how women with breast cancer were affected by eight weeks of yoga. The women had less pain and fatigue at the end of the study with improved levels of vigor, acceptance and relaxation.

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